5 Best WordPress Security Plugins

If you are a business owner or a professional blogger then you possibly used WordPress before, taking advantage of its clever software and the power that it gives you in controlling your business website or blog. Being around since 2003, WordPress is arguably the most widely used platform supporting almost all types of websites.

Unfortunately, like any other platform it has, it’s weak points that could be breached putting your website in danger, whether you use it for business needs or any other needs. Securing your website is very critical while using WordPress, so here are the best WordPress security plugins.


Out of all the security plugins, Wordfence is the most popular. Wordfence has 1 million downloads and it has a rating 4.9 out of 5. One of the main advantages of Wordfence is its constant scanning to your website searching for any malware infection, and notifying you once an infection is detected. Wordfence also has a software of identifying and blocking attackers from accessing all Wordfence websites. In addition, it allows you to block traffic from any specific country, and it also has software for identifying fake traffic and more features that you can check here.

Sucuri security

Sucuri is another reliable and well-constructed security plugin. It constantly scans for malware infections and corrupt files, along with blacklist monitoring and security activity auditing. In order to have better performance, Sucuri includes different blacklist engines such as McAfee Site Advisor, Google Safe Browsing, Norton, Sucuri Labs and even more.

Acunetix WP security

Acunetix is an excellent security plugin for your website. Once you activate, it will start searching for any weaknesses in your system and it gives you a variety of ways for you to protect your website by advising you to change the password or remove WP Generator META tag from core code and more. In addition, it allows you to constantly check your traffic by a tool for live traffic monitoring.

iThemes security

iThemes developers claim to provide you with more than 30 ways to protect your website from any attacks and is quite good in securing even the hard-to-find gaps in your website. iThemes provide you with a list of the actions that you could make in order to protect your website and ranks them for you based on their strength, in addition to many other great features that are quite useful for any website.

All in One WP Security and Firewall

Being developed by experts, All in one WP security and firewall is one of the best plugins out there with all of its features and capabilities. Its name speaks for it. Despite being very comprehensive and having strong capabilities, it is very simple to understand and follow, and it constantly recommends for you the latest techniques available from WordPress. It has protection against brute force attacks, and it notifies you by mail in case of several failed login attempt by anyone.

WordPress is for sure an excellent choice for you to manage your website and/or business, and having this variety of security plugins mentioned above (and there is more out there) will make you feel safe and secure about it.

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