Quick and Easy Ways to Speed Up WordPress Load Times

Is your WordPress site loading slowly? Slow load times can be the biggest downfall for people starting a blog of any kind. This is due to the attention of your viewers being lost before the page is even shown to them. In this article, let’s look at some really good ways to make those load times faster.

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While WordPress has it’s own hosting system for the websites that you build for it, as your viewers begin to grow you will quickly find the speed of your page’s load times will drop. This is because of the shared hosting system that WordPress uses by default. This is why, when traffic to your website grows it takes longer for people to reach you. It becomes too much for the system to handle, and thus getting an outside host for your web page is a fantastic idea even though it is not free in most cases.

The framework of your website can also be a hindrance if not selected carefully. Most websites don’t need big fancy themes with tons of different links and effects. So when adding these think about your site and what the most important pieces are. This will help you to set up a site that not only looks more professional but functions much better since it isn’t being bogged down. The less you add into the page, the more simplified your pages, the faster they will load. One of the fastest loading themes is actually the default for WordPress.

That ties closely into the optimization of your home page. Your homepage is the landing site for all of your viewers and thus is a major focus when building your site. We all need to think clearly and detailed when creating it. What tradeoffs are you willing to give for the higher end looks or effects? What are you wanting your viewers to be the most drawn to? It is extremely important that you, or anyone working on a website, to cut out excessive data. This leaves less for the viewer to load in and that means loading speed jumps up!

Another thing to look at is the number of posts per page. The more you have the longer it takes to load and preview posts are even better since they only load in a small portion of the bigger article. Lots of pictures can also be the cause of slow loading times or even data being saved that your viewers never see. A way to solve these two drawbacks is getting plug-ins that help direct what is loaded and when it is loaded like WP-Smushit , which automatically reduces images to smaller sizes, jQuery image Lazy Load, which only loads images that the viewer can see as they scroll down your page, WP-Optimize, and Revision control which help you to trim out unneeded data being stored.

Plugins can help in tons of ways but keep in mind that less is more with any plugin. The most important thing is to really think through what it is you need. The few plugins I mentioned help filter out excess data on your pages while not taking away any of the content that you have worked so hard on.
So for a quick summary, making sure your pages are streamlined, file sizes minimized as much as possible, using a few choice plugins and finding a good host are four great ways to speed up loading for your viewers.

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