Top 3 WordPress Hosting Services of 2017


WordPress is one of the most popular web creation tools in the world. This is really no surprise given that it makes it incredibly easy to create a site and add content within a short time. Even better is the fact that it is a free tool. However, as sites grow and traffic increases, it becomes important for web owners to start managing their sites more actively. This can be a hurdle for busy owners or those who lack the expertise to manage their accounts. That is why WordPress hosting services are incredibly important.

What to Look For In a Hosting Company

One of the most important factors you need to consider before settling on a hosting company is the response time. You want to choose a company which loads content to your site extremely fast because delays can be costly to you. Visitors to your site might not have enough patience to wait for content to load slowly, which is certainly not good for business.

Secondly, a good hosting company is reliable. Choosing a reliable company ensures that people can access your site at any given time. Moreover, be sure to pick a company that has great customer support. Sometimes, mishaps occur at the worst of times. A company with good customer support will respond hastily to your call whenever you need help. Lastly, choose a company that charges fair prices for their services.

1. SiteGround

This company has earned its place as one of the best WordPress hosting companies in the world. It offers outstanding services at relatively fair prices. It has a response time of 700 ms, which is remarkable by any standards. Secondly, it offers its clients excellent security services. Support is available to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also installs updates automatically, much to the delight of clients who may not have time to do so. The company charges $3.95 for every client who uses the site. If you are new to WordPress however, you get a 60% discount plus a free domain name. It couldn’t get any better, could it?

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2. Pagely

This WordPress hosting company has been around for a long time, and it has built itself a great reputation in that time. It boasts a large clientele that includes some of the world’s biggest corporations. Like SiteGround, it has a short response time, top- notch security and unequaled customer support. It also automatically backs up information, and it is powered by Amazon Cloud. Although many big companies trust Pagely as their web host, the company serves small businesses and even individual web owners just as it treats the big companies.

3. A2 Hosting

This is yet another great WordPress Hosting Company that deserves a place among the best. It greatest strength lies in its high-speed response time, which is 455 ms. Like other companies of its caliber, this company has top- notch security, offers great customer support and is quite fairly priced. It also boasts high customer- satisfaction rates thanks to its excellent services.

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There are many other noteworthy WordPress hosting services, but these certainly deserve a place in the limelight. If you are looking for a WordPress hosting company, you could start with these companies. They will not disappoint.

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